3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Turo Host

1. Not taking enough pictures when dropping your vehicle off. If an accident happens to your vehicle during the trip, you want to be able to prove it. Turo and/or your personal insurance will need proof in order to hold the other party liable. This means it is imperative to get a substantial amount of pre-trip photos that can prove damage occurred during the trip and not before the vehicle was handed off. This can save you money and time in the unlikely event that an incident occurs.

2. Setting your trip buffer to an unreasonable time that does not work with your schedule. You always want to be prepared and not overwhelmed.

3. Not trusting your instinct with guests and their intentions when booking your automobile. This is a business… YOUR business. Sometimes making money overpowers our instincts. However, wanting to make money can cloud your judgment. The potential profit of that booking can cost you more than the vehicle is worth. Go with your gut!

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